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Pastor Patty's Musical Menagerie

~ She's singing with animals!
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Hey folks!  Pastor Patty here!

While many of us find it hard to be stuck at home, unable to gather in-person for worship, fellowship or study, it is especially difficult for families with children!

In an attempt to reach out to the children within our congregation in West Stockbridge, as well as those in UCC churches across the Southern New England Conference, I'm starting a new online ministry with kids.  My goal is to present the good news of our Christian faith through music.  The special twist is that I'll be including the animal members of the Gould Farm community where I live. 


Like Temple G here who is just a few weeks old!

What I do is teach a song and incorporate a lesson with the help of one of the animals here on the farm.  Then I go back online to make a second video of the same song and post that as a follow-up.

Do you remember the song?

I'll also send a picture of our animals to viewers who request one, with a prayer included, so they can pray for one another and know that others are praying for them.

Just send me a message at with your name and address and I'll send it right out!

I'm hoping that by sharing a love of music, and the abiding belief that God is with us through the good and the bad, we can help our children remember that they are deeply loved!" 


Pastor Patty Fox

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To see all of the videos in this series, click the link below and watch

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