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A Reflection on the Image of God
"Our inherent "likeness to God" depends upon the objective connection given by God equally to all creatures, each of whom carries the divine DNA in a unique way.
...the "image of God" is absolute and unchanging.  There is nothing humans can do to increase or decrease it.  And it is not ours to decide who has it or does not have it, which has been most of our problem up to now.  It is pure and total gift, given equally to all."
Richard Rohr, The Universal Christ
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Colossians 1:13-20Colossians 3:8-13

In these passages, Paul identifies Jesus as “the image of the invisible God,” who is the real king of creation that humbled himself to die on our behalf (1:13-20). Paul also writes that Jesus’ followers are being “ the image of the creator” (3:8-13), which results in compassion, kindness, humility, and other godly qualities.

Question 1:

What do you resonate with most when you read these passages?


Question 2:

Both of these passages emphasize God’s desire to bring unity through Jesus. Take a moment to reflect on what it might look like to actively participate in bringing unity in your life or community.

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